Saaras [4339290]™ Trademark

Opposed trademark Saaras [4339290] (DEVICE) - Irrigation sprinkler, garden sprinklers, sprinkler systems for irrigation,sprinkler machines for agricultural irrigation,sprinkler systems for lawn irrigation, sprinkler machines for horticultural irrigation, sprinklers for surface installation, sprinklers for underground installation, sprinkler apparatus for agricultural irrigation, sprinkler apparatus for horticultural irrigation, sprinkler installations for horticultural purposes, sprinkler installations for agricultural purposes, valves being parts of sprinkler systems, decorative fountains, sprinkler and irrigation systems, damping nozzles [parts of fires], anti-splash tap nozzles, nozzles (anti-splash tap -), irrigation spray nozzles.

Saaras [4339290]™ Trademark
App number 4339290
As on date 2021-09-20
Status Opposed
Tm application no 4339290
Class 11
Date of application 2019-06-11
Appropriate office DELHI
Country India
Filing mode e-Filing
Tm applied for SAARAS
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type DEVICE
User detail Proposed to be used
Certificate detail
Valid upto renewed upto
Proprietor name (1) POOJA SHARMA
Single Firm
Proprietor address 148 old housing board colony Bhiwani Haryana, Pin code - 127021
Email id ****
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Agent address
Goods service details [CLASS : 11]
Irrigation Sprinkler, Garden sprinklers, Sprinkler systems for irrigation,Sprinkler machines for agricultural irrigation,Sprinkler systems for lawn irrigation, Sprinkler machines for horticultural irrigation, Sprinklers for surface installation, Sprinklers for underground installation, Sprinkler apparatus for agricultural irrigation, Sprinkler apparatus for horticultural irrigation, Sprinkler installations for horticultural purposes, Sprinkler installations for agricultural purposes, Valves being parts of sprinkler systems, Decorative fountains, sprinkler and
irrigation systems, Damping nozzles [parts of fires], Anti-splash tap nozzles, Nozzles (Anti-splash tap -), Irrigation spray nozzles.
Publication details
Attorney name SANJEEV KUMAR[6405]
Attorney address AG-7, Ground Floor, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi - 110088
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