Carlsquare [4178474]™ Trademark

Registered trademark Carlsquare [4178474] (WORD) - Business management; business administration; business consultancy; business merger services; business merger consultation; business acquisitions consultation; business split-up consultation; providing business management start-up support for other business; conducting of business appraisals.

Carlsquare [4178474]™ Trademark
App number 4178474
As on date 2021-09-18
Status Registered
Tm application no 4178474
Class 35
Date of application 2019-05-17
Appropriate office DELHI
Country India
Filing mode e-Filing
Tm applied for Carlsquare
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type WORD
User detail Proposed to be used
Certificate detail Certificate No. 2329248    Dated : 28/11/2019
Notified in Journal No : 1931
Valid upto renewed upto 17/05/2029
Proprietor name (1) CARLSQUARE GMBH
Body Incorporate
Proprietor address Finnlandhaus, Esplanade 41 20354 Hamburg Germany
Email id ****
Agent name
Agent address
Goods service details [CLASS : 35]
Business management; Business administration; Business consultancy; Business merger services; Business merger consultation; Business acquisitions consultation; Business split-up consultation; Providing business management start-up support for other business; Conducting of business appraisals.
Publication details Published in Journal No. : 1910-0     Dated : 15/07/2019
Attorney name RAHUL CHAUDHRY & PARTNERS[24020]
Attorney address RCY HOUSE, C-235, DEFENCE COLONY, NEW DELHI-110024
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Journal number 1910
Journal sup number 0
Journal published date 2019-07-15
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