Tote Scarf [5027075]™ Trademark

Accepted & Advertised trademark Tote Scarf [5027075] (DEVICE) - Online marketing, online ordering services, online advertising services, online retail services relating to scarf, handbags.

Tote Scarf [5027075]™ Trademark
App number 5027075
As on date 2021-08-31
Status Accepted & Advertised
Tm application no 5027075
Class 35
Date of application 2021-01-07
Appropriate office CHENNAI
Country India
Filing mode e-Filing
Tm applied for TOTE SCARF
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type DEVICE
User detail 17/10/2019
Certificate detail
Valid upto renewed upto
Proprietor name (1) ASTU ECO PRIVATE LIMITED
Body Incorporate
Proprietor address #13, Sumukha Nilaya, 1st Main, Kaveri Nagar, Tataguni Main, Bangalore 560062
Email id ****
Agent name
Agent address
Goods service details [CLASS : 35]
Online marketing, Online ordering services, Online advertising services, Online retail services relating to scarf, handbags.
Publication details Published in Journal No. : 2015-0     Dated : 30/08/2021
Attorney name SANJEEV KUMAR[6405]
Attorney address AG-7, Ground Floor, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi - 110088
Associated trademarks
Journal number 2015
Journal sup number 0
Journal published date 2021-08-30
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