Classe [2556379]™ Trademark

Registered trademark Classe [2556379] (DEVICE) - Tailoring; dressmaking; embroidery services; quilting; warping (looms); cloth cutting; clothing alteration; cloth dyeing; cloth treating; fabric bleaching; permanent-press treatment of fabrics; cloth pre-shrinking; cloth edging; fulling of cloth; cloth fireproofing; cloth waterproofing; crease- resistant treatment for clothing; applying finishes to textiles; textile mothproofing; wool treating; printing; pattern printing; dyeing services; leather working; leather staining.

Classe [2556379]™ Trademark
App number 2556379
As on date 2021-01-09
Status Registered
Tm application no 2556379
Class 40
Date of application 2013-06-28
Appropriate office KOLKATA
Country India
Filing mode Branch Office
Tm applied for Classe
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type DEVICE
User detail 01/06/2011
Certificate detail Certificate No. 2041277    Dated : 05/12/2018
Notified in Journal No : 1880
Valid upto renewed upto 28/06/2023
Proprietor name (1) TSG FASHIONS LIMITED
Body Incorporate
Proprietor address 4/1A, JAGMOHAN MULLICK LANE , KOLKATA - 700 007 WEST, BENGAL.
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Goods service details [CLASS : 40]
Tailoring; Dressmaking; Embroidery Services;
Quilting; Warping (Looms); Cloth Cutting; Clothing
Alteration; Cloth Dyeing; Cloth Treating; Fabric
Bleaching; Permanent-Press Treatment of Fabrics;
Cloth Pre-Shrinking; Cloth Edging; Fulling of Cloth;
Cloth Fireproofing; Cloth Waterproofing; Crease-
Resistant Treatment for Clothing; Applying Finishes to
Textiles; Textile Mothproofing; Wool Treating;
Printing; Pattern Printing; Dyeing Services; Leather
Working; Leather Staining.
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