Selto With Device [5005156]™ Trademark

Objected trademark Selto With Device [5005156] (DEVICE) - Open-end wrench, box-end wrench, combination wrench, flare-nut wrench/ line wrench, ratcheting box wrench, flex-head socket wrench / saltus wrench, slammer wrench / hammer wrench, adjustable wrench, monkey wrench, pipe wrench, socket wrench, clamp ratchet wrench, breaker bar, cow-foot wrench / crow’s-foot wrench, speed wrench, torque wrench, allen wrench/ hex wrench/ l wrench, torx wrench, cone wrench, drum wrench / drum key/ lug key, 4-way lug wrench, oil-filter wrench, chain whip, spud wrench, ratchet pipe threader, slip joint pliers, diagonal pliers, lineman’s pliers, needle-nose pliers, bent nose pliers, pincers, terminal crimping pliers, tongue and groove pliers, locking pliers, circlip pliers, round-nose pliers, nipper, utility knife, bolt cutter, glass cutter, tube cutter, pipe cutter, crosscut saw, japanese saw, pad saw, two-men saw, veneer saw, back saws, bow saw, coping saw, handsaw, hacksaw, flat file, round file, half-round file, square file, triangular file, hand file, knife file, joint round edge file, rough file, single cut file, double cut file, curved cut file, rasp cut file, diamond file, needle file, riffler file, mechanic’s hammer, claw hammer, dead blow hammer, sledgehammer, gavel, warrington hammer, lathe hammer, mallets hammer, splitting maul, stonemason’s hammer, upholstery hammer, firmer chisel, bevel edge chisel, bench chisel, masonry chisel, mortise chise, sash mortise chisel, paring chisel, slick chisel, dovetail chisel, corner chisel, socket chisel, cranked handle chisel, flat-head screwdrivers, interchangeable head screwdrivers, screwdrivers, allen key screwdriver, c-clamp, bar clamp, band clamp, mitre clamp, double-ended open spanner, ring spanner, combination spanner, stubby spanner, box spanner, “l” type spanner, cross wheel spanner, flare nut spanner, ring slogging spanner, socket spanner, “t” type spanner, allen key, “c” type halfmoon spanner, “s” type obstruction spanner specifically included in class 8

Selto With Device [5005156]™ Trademark
App number 5005156
As on date 2021-01-08
Status Objected
Tm application no 5005156
Class 8
Date of application 2021-06-15
Appropriate office DELHI
Country India
Filing mode e-Filing
Tm applied for SELTO with device
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type DEVICE
User detail Proposed to be used
Certificate detail
Valid upto renewed upto
Proprietor name (1) ASHISH BANSAL
Single Firm
Proprietor address GROUND FLOOR, B-29-536, NEAR KHARAY KANDA, SUA ROAD, GAISPURA, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141011
Agent name
Agent address
Goods service details [CLASS : 8]
Open-end wrench,
Box-end wrench,
Combination wrench,
Flare-nut wrench/ line wrench,
Ratcheting box wrench,
Flex-head socket wrench / Saltus wrench,
Slammer wrench / hammer wrench,
Adjustable wrench,
Monkey wrench,
Pipe wrench,
Socket wrench,
Clamp ratchet wrench,
Breaker bar,
Cow-foot wrench / Crow’s-foot wrench,
Speed wrench,
Torque wrench,
Allen wrench/ hex wrench/ L wrench,
Torx wrench,
Cone wrench,
Drum wrench / Drum key/ Lug key,
4-way lug wrench,
Oil-filter wrench,
Chain whip,
Spud wrench,
Ratchet pipe threader,
Slip joint pliers,
Diagonal pliers,
Lineman’s pliers,
Needle-nose pliers,
Bent nose pliers,
Terminal crimping pliers,
Tongue and groove pliers,
Locking pliers,
Circlip pliers,
Round-nose pliers,
Utility knife,
Bolt cutter,
Glass cutter,
Tube cutter,
Pipe cutter,
Crosscut saw,
Japanese saw,
Pad saw,
Two-men saw,
Veneer saw,
Back saws,
Bow saw,
Coping saw,
Flat file,
Round file,
Half-round file,
Square file,
Triangular file,
Hand file,
Knife file,
Joint round edge file,
Rough file,
Single cut file,
Double cut file,
Curved cut file,
Rasp cut file,
Diamond file,
Needle file,
Riffler file,
Mechanic’s hammer,
Claw hammer,
Dead blow hammer,
Warrington hammer,
Lathe hammer,
Mallets hammer,
Splitting maul,
Stonemason’s hammer,
Upholstery hammer,
Firmer chisel,
Bevel edge chisel,
Bench chisel,
Masonry chisel,
Mortise chise,
Sash mortise chisel,
Paring chisel,
Slick chisel,
Dovetail chisel,
Corner chisel,
Socket chisel,
Cranked handle chisel,
Flat-head screwdrivers,
Interchangeable head screwdrivers,
Allen key screwdriver,
Bar clamp,
Band clamp,
Mitre clamp,
Double-ended Open spanner,
Ring spanner,
Combination spanner,
Stubby Spanner,
Box spanner,
“L” Type Spanner,
Cross Wheel Spanner,
Flare Nut Spanner,
Ring Slogging Spanner,
Socket spanner,
“T” type Spanner,
Allen Key,
“C” type Halfmoon Spanner,
“S” type obstruction Spanner
Specifically included in class 8
Publication details
Attorney name ADV MOHIT CHITKARA[22573]
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