Finsceal [4762986]™ Trademark

Registered trademark Finsceal [4762986] (DEVICE) - Leather dresses, leather slippers, leather garments, leather clothing, imitation leather dresses, belts made of leather, leather jackets, leather waistcoats, leather pants, clothing made of leather, sportswear, sports shirts, sports overuniforms, sports pants, sports garments, sports clothing, footwear for sports, sports jackets, sports jerseys, casual clothing, babies" clothing, clothes, clothing, shorts [clothing], cotton coats, woolen garments, readymade garments.

Finsceal [4762986]™ Trademark
App number 4762986
As on date 2021-08-28
Status Registered
Tm application no 4762986
Class 25
Date of application 2020-01-12
Appropriate office DELHI
Country India
Filing mode e-Filing
Tm applied for Finsceal
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type DEVICE
User detail Proposed to be used
Certificate detail Certificate No. 2760860    Dated : 02/06/2021
Notified in Journal No : 2004
Valid upto renewed upto 01/12/2030
Body Incorporate
Proprietor address H No 199, Third Floor Haddu Mohalla, Madanpur Khadar, New Delhi 110076
Email id ****
Agent name
Agent address
Goods service details [CLASS : 25]
Leather dresses, Leather slippers, Leather
garments, Leather clothing, Imitation
leather dresses, Belts made of leather,
Leather jackets, Leather waistcoats,
Leather pants, Clothing made of leather,
Sportswear, Sports shirts, Sports
overuniforms, Sports pants, Sports
garments, Sports clothing, Footwear for
sports, Sports jackets, Sports jerseys,
Casual clothing, Babies" clothing, Clothes,
Clothing, Shorts [clothing], Cotton coats, Woolen Garments, Readymade Garments.
Publication details Published in Journal No. : 1983-0     Dated : 18/01/2021
Attorney name SHWETA TOMAR[24484]
Attorney address 601 tower B1 Mantra Majestica kalepadal hadapsar Pune 411028
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Journal number 1983
Journal sup number 0
Journal published date 2021-01-18
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