Decyfir [4571246]™ Trademark

Objected trademark Decyfir [4571246] (WORD) - Downloadable computer security software; artificial intelligence and machine learning software; threat detection software; computer firewall software

Decyfir [4571246]™ Trademark
App number 4571246
As on date 2021-08-25
Status Objected
Tm application no 4571246
Class 9
Date of application 2020-07-15
Appropriate office CHENNAI
Country Singapore
Filing mode e-Filing
Tm applied for DeCYFIR
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type WORD
User detail Proposed to be used
Certificate detail
Valid upto renewed upto
Proprietor name (1) CYFIRMA HOLDINGS PTE. LTD
Body Incorporate
Proprietor address 77 Robinson Road, #16-00, Robinson 77, Singapore - 068896
Email id ****
Agent name
Agent address
Goods service details [CLASS : 9]
Downloadable computer security software; Artificial intelligence and machine learning software; Threat detection software; Computer firewall software
Publication details
Attorney name BANANAIP COUNSELS[14365]
Attorney address BananaIP Counsels,
No.40, 2nd Floor, 3rd Main Road, JC Industrial Estate, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore-560062
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