Lilmunchkins [4340273]™ Trademark

Registered trademark Lilmunchkins [4340273] (WORD) - Advertising, business administration & management of wholesale & retail outlets; trading, marketing & online marketing; import & export relating to cosmetics including cosmetics for children, nail polish, beauty creams & lotions, dentifrice, perfumeries, hair oil, vanishing cream, cold cream, cleansing cream, foundation cream, shaving cream, hand wash, eau de cologne [cologne water], after shave lotion, moisturisers, hair care preparations, hair tonic, conditioner, hair creams, hair spray, hair lotion, hair gels, laundry blue, fabric softener, face wash, mouth washes, body deodorants [perfumery], talcum powder, lipsticks & eye liner.

Lilmunchkins [4340273]™ Trademark
App number 4340273
As on date 2021-09-20
Status Registered
Tm application no 4340273
Class 35
Date of application 2019-06-11
Appropriate office DELHI
Country India
Filing mode e-Filing
Tm applied for LILMUNCHKINS
Tm category TRADE MARK
Trade mark type WORD
User detail Proposed to be used
Certificate detail Certificate No. 2447856    Dated : 09/08/2020
Notified in Journal No : 1961
Valid upto renewed upto 06/11/2029
Single Firm
Proprietor address PLOT NO. 194, INDUSTRIAL AREA, SECTOR-82, (JLPL), MOHALI (PB.)
Email id ****
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Goods service details [CLASS : 35]
Advertising, Business Administration & Management of wholesale & Retail outlets; Trading, Marketing & Online Marketing; Import & Export relating to Cosmetics including \tCosmetics for Children, Nail Polish, Beauty Creams & Lotions, Dentifrice, Perfumeries, Hair Oil, vanishing Cream, Cold Cream, Cleansing Cream, Foundation Cream, Shaving Cream, Hand Wash, Eau de cologne [cologne water], After Shave Lotion, Moisturisers, Hair care preparations, Hair Tonic, Conditioner, Hair Creams, Hair Spray, Hair Lotion, Hair Gels, Laundry Blue, Fabric Softener, face Wash, Mouth washes, Body deodorants [perfumery], Talcum Powder, Lipsticks & Eye Liner.
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Attorney name MAHTTA & CO[15220]
Attorney address 43-B/3, UDHAM SINGH NAGAR, LUDHIANA. 141001 (PUNJAB)
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